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Out of the four alternatives, select the one which best expresses the same sentence in indirect speech. Reported speech a summary english grammar exercises. Explain that the students are going to play a similar game in groups. Well be having the reception in my parents back garden. Exclamatory sentence changes into assertive sentence and interjections are removed. In the following questions, a sentence has been given in direct indirect. He said, if you called on me tomorrow, i could see you 1. Learn definition, useful grammar rules and examples of direct vs. In order to do this, you can use the grammar structure named indirect or reported speech.

My brothers putting on a musical show tomorrow night. All downloads are in pdf format and consist of a worksheet and answer sheet to check your results. Reported speech exercise 1 perfect english grammar. Pay attention to backshift and the changes to pronouns, time, and place two weeks ago, he said, i visited this museum last week. Reported speech indirect speech in english summary. A simple worksheet with four tasks on reported speech. Reported speech without backshift change of pronouns and places. Direct and indirect exercises with answers learn esl.

Direct and indirect speech exercise ii english practice. If you have a sentence in direct speech, try to follow these 5 steps to put the sentence into reported speech. Teachers notes you said esl activities games worksheets. A grammar notebook file on direct and indirect speech with supporting worksheet in both pdf to be printed and word formats to be altered.

Future perfect simple and continuous progressive tense. The professor ordered us to put our pencils down immediately. Change these direct questions into reported speech. Grammar explanations reported speech, indirect speech. Formal and informal english politeness or colloquial language future continuous tense. I cant understand why billiards has been prohibited. Explanations and examples along with tests and exercises online to practise english reported speech. Reported speech worksheets, pdf exercises, handouts to print.

Mind the introductory sentences and backshift of tenses. You can take this quiz and then check your answers right away. Calling me a rascal, he said that he would have me sent to prison. English grammar rulesenglish language learningteaching englishesl lessonsgrammar lessonsenglish. These are the exact words frank said to you yesterday. Direct and indirect exercises with answers we often convey a message or give information about what someone said, thought, or felt to somebody else. Pay attention to backshift and the changes to pronouns, time, and place two weeks ago, he said, i visited this. Luckily, my friend is a photographer so he hell take the photos for us. Rule for the change of pronouns pronouns of the first person in the reported speech are changed in indirect speech to the same person as the subject of the reporting verb. Direct and indirect speech exercise english practice. Lots of reported speech exercises practise using free interactive quizzes. The plays of shakespeare are more interesting than the plays of ibsen. Click here to read the explanations about reported speech reported statements. What else do we change in a sentence when changing it from direct to indirect.

Reported or indirect speech is usually used to talk about the past, so we normally change the tense of the words spoken. In direct speech we repeat the original speakers exact words. Rs004 reported speech indirect commands intermediate. Review reported statements here download this quiz in pdf here more reported. We recommend updating yours to the latest version for the best experience. Indirect speech is introduced by some words like grief, sorrow, happiness, applaud. Your friend is an exchange student in the usa at the moment. Complete the sentences in reported speech no backshift.

While making changes from the former to the latter and vice versa there are certain rules to be observed. We use reporting verbs like say, tell, ask, and we may use the word that to introduce the reported words. Reported speech, indirect speech english grammar exercises. B now lets practice changing sentences from direct to reported indirect speech some more, but be sure to complete the reported speech sentences using the correct pronouns. They practice changing sentences from direct to reported speech and vice versa. Insightful pdf reported speech esl activities, games, and interactive and. Reported speech truefalse the two sentences have the same meaning. Rahul asked me, did you see the cricket match on tv last night. Change the following sentences from direct speech to reported speech. Direct and indirect speech exercise english grammar. Direct to reported speech key with answers 1 english grammar pdf. Reported statements mixed exercise change this direct speech into reported speech. I told him respectfully that that was the way to be happy and rich.

English grammar rulesenglish language learningteaching englishesl lessons grammar lessonsenglish. Super grammar direct and indirect speech spag teaching. Reported speech we use reported speech when we want to tell someone what someone said. October 26, 20 a sentence has been given in direct speech. This is a quiz for students of english as a second langu age. Reported or indirect speech printable exercise eslefl. Reported speech the words or thoughts of a person can be expressed through direct speech in this case we repeat the more or less exact words that were said or filtered through the language and the memory of the speaker, changing pronouns, tenses and other words if necessary. Reported speech exercises change the following sentences into reported speech. In part 1 of this lesson on indirect reported speech, we will be looking at how we report statements, and the changes we must make to the original sentence. In the english language, there are two ways of conveying what someone else has said. The doctor said, your aunt doesnt need an operation. Reported statements mixed exercise perfect english grammar.

English esl reported speech indirect speech worksheets. English test titled reported speech 1, for online english learners at the intermediate level. Esl game on learning how to make sentences in english language based on fundamental rules of reported speech. With reported speech, the pattern is the following.

Direct and indirect speech practice english grammar, grammar help. Exercises 1 read the story and work out who said a its all right. A collection of english esl reported speech indirect speech worksheets for home learning, online practice, distance learning and english classes to teach a. Reported speech exercises with answers esl vocab fox. The former is direct form of speech whereas the latter is indirect form of speech. This item is a pdf about direct and indirect characterization. Heres a list of all the reported speech exercises on this site. Grammar reported speech discours indirect esl resources. When the reporting verb is in the present tense, adverbs of time and place do not normally change in indirect speech.

In speech, we usually use indirect or reported speech to relay what somebody said. Introduction there are two ways of relating what a person has said. Reported speech esl printable worksheets and exercises english grammar rules. Indirect or reported speech, where we make the speakers words part of our own sentence and change pronouns, tenses etc. Reported speech in different english tenses exercise. Interrogative clauses difficulties in reported speech direct and indirect interrogative forms. Grammar reading writing esl language preschool math life skills science. Direct and indirect speech exercises with answers pdf. For exercises, you can reveal the answers first submit worksheet and print the page to have the exercise and the answers.

Structure formal aspects we can find different ways of expressing the direct speech. She said that she had been sleeping when julie called. He claimed that shakespeares plays were more interesting than ibsens. First a statement given by the speaker himself and the second the same statement conveyed by another person to someone. Change direct speech contained within quotation marks. English grammar reported speech 1 reported speech direct and indirect or reported speech. Convert the sentences below from direct to indirect speech reported speech statements. Microsoft word reported speech statements present simple.

Reported speech 50 exercises esl worksheet by sandramaisa english speaking. Reported speech imperatives exercise with answers change the sentences from direct to indirect speech. For those teachers who have recently had to make the switch to online teaching due to the covid. Lindsay said that her brothers putting on a musical show tonight. Reported statement exercise and more of the latest articles on english language teaching from efl magazine. Esl library may not function properly in older browsers. Reported speech pdf worksheets english vocabulary and. You are speaking with him on the phone and your friend sue is standing next to you. Present simple reported statement exercise quite easy in pdf here present continuous reported statement exercise quite easy in pdf here. English esl reported speech worksheets islcollective. Home exercises direct and indirect speech exercise.

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