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Styrofoam plazamate extruded polystyrene insulation product name. Multiples can be used in order to achieve the desired total thickness. Hoover floormate deluxe hard floor cleaner the ultimate hard floor cleaner discover the ultimate hard floor cleaner that gets the dirt mopping leaves behind, with the hoover floormate deluxe. Styrofoam floormate x details dow styrfoam floormate x extruded polystyrene xps thermal insulation distributed by dctech, is an ideal heavy loadbearing material suitable for most floor types, from industrial applications through to residential builds. This wikihow teaches you how to scan a paper document into your computer and save it as a pdf file on a windows or mac computer. Dow extruded polystyrene xps high density insulation board. This flooring product is now manufactured by ravago building solutions europes largest manufacturer of xps insulation. The styrofoam a solution for insulating groundbearing and suspended floors in new build and renovation projec. Floormate a is the styrofoam solution for insulating floors, and is currently available in three grades, floormate 300 a, 500a and 700a. Le proprieta dei prodotti menzionate sono soggette a variazioni senza preavviso. About styrofoam in the demanding conditions of todays. As roofing manager for dow building solutions manufacturer of styrofoam thermal insulation.

Because it resists moisture and has high compressive strength, floormate. Floormate 300a insulation awarded bba accreditation. Dow building solutions introducing styrofoam solutions. Styrofoam floormatex xps rigid thermal insulation can be installed under or. Styrofoam extruded polystyrene xps deckmate thermal break strips are designed specifically. Floormate 300 a extruded polystyrene xps insulation from dow building solutions has been awarded a bba certificate, offering specifiers valuable third party endorsement for the products. Floormate 300a by dow building solutions specifiedby. Floormate is the styrofoam product for insulating floors, and is designed for groundbearing concrete floors and suspended floors e. Floormate 300 a is a great choice for designers aiming for an envelope of continuous external insulation that minimises.

Roofmate sla is the styrofoam solutions for insulating inverted roofs. Le informazioni e i dati qui contenuti non costituiscono specifiche di vendita. Since then, weve also launched floormate 300 a, specially designed for belowslab insulation to help prevent thermal bridging in residential structures, and xenergy sl xps, which is designed to offer. Breeamis the worlds foremost environmental assessment method and rating system for buildings. In the opinion of the bba, floormate 300a floor insulation. The use of dow styrofoam deckmate thermal break strips on top of each purlin above. Floormate a grades are manufactured in the uk using. By including in the floor construction a layer of floormate 300a insulation continuous with that in the rest of the building envelope, heat loss is reduced and. Table 1 gives the thicknesses of floormate 300 a required to achieve a range of uvalues for ground. Dow building solutions styrofoama products include floormate a materials for flooring applications. The properties given are typical unless stated otherwise declared 9090 value bs en 164 made to order. Questo documento non implica alcuna responsabilita o garanzia relative alle prestazioni del prodotto. The dow floormate brand name has changed to ravatherm xps. Introducing styrofoam solutions for flooring and cellars.

The boards are unaffected by the conditions encountered on flat roofs, including wide fluctuations in temperature and repeated. Dow styrfoam floormatex extruded polystyrene xps thermal insulation distributed by. Roofmate floormate floormate perimate dow applications deckmate construction applications roofs walls warm flat insulation. Dow assumes no obligation or liability for the information in this document. Ravago floormate 300a styrofoam floor insulation boards. For example, tests shows that even after 300 cycles of. Floormate 300 a is available in single thicknesses of 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 125mm and 150mm. Marchio the dow chemical company dow o di sue consociate nota. Roof garden roof top car u lost formwork render andor cladding system old bridge. Browse and search technical, papers, infographics, videos and more. Read more about the cookies we use in our cookies policy. To give you the best possible user experience we use cookies on our website.

The product range includes floormate 300, floormate 500 and floormate 700. From all of us at insulation express, we wish you the best health. The styrofoam a solution for insulating groundbearing and suspended floors in new build and renovation projects is floormate a. Floormate 300 a is a solution for insulating groundbearing and suspended floors in new build and renovation projects. Dow building solutions insulating ballasted inverted flat roofs with styrofoam solutions. Styrofoam roofmate extruded polystyrene insulation is designed for installation above waterproofing or roofing membranes in protected membrane roof pmr applications. Whether youre an architect, contractor or developer, learn how dupont will work with you from the ground up to find the right construction materials and processes for your next project. Styrofoam deckmate thermal break strips proctor group australia. Floormate 300 a is available in single thicknesses of 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 125mm. Dow styrofoam floormate x xps thermal insulation has been developed for use where attributes. Technical data styrofoam hd300fx extruded polystyrene foam xps en164 free from hcfc blue color properties1 cecode standard unit value density din en 1602 kgm3 45 thermal. Dow building solutions can provide help, advice and. Buy a ravago floormate 300a styrofoam insulation boards available from insulation express.

How to order styrofoam and xenergy products from dow. This website uses cookies to store information on your computer. Dow styrofoam floormate x extruded polystyrene xps rigid thermal insulation product description. By richard powell, roofing manager, dow building solutions. Because it resists moisture and has high compressive strength, floormate is ideal for belowslab. Steve johnson, technical sales manager for dow building solutions explained. Technical presentation styrofoam extruded polystyrene.

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