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Explore this interactive lens catalogue for our exciting products. Panavision has been a manufacturer of cameras for the motion picture industry since the 1950s, beginning with anamorphic widescreen lenses. Free shipping on many items browse your favorite brands. For a very reasonable price you get a lens that has reasonable sharpness, and an effective macro. Get answers to your questions in our photography forums. The prisms account for the odd shape of the lens front elements. I often hear about short focals to shoot panoramas. Get the best deals on sony alpha lenses when you shop the largest online selection at. New filmmaker find out more about panavisions new filmmaker program panascout download the panascout smartphone app for apple, android or windows theater panavisions stateoftheart theater. Redshark news panavision goes big with primo 70 lenses.

At worlds end, hangnail, mad men, vikings, outlander, once upon a time. Wide screen and anamorphic formats world of visual effects. Create beautiful cinematic videos with the worlds first 2. There are much cheaper lenses out there and much more expensive. Good portrait lenses have wide apertures to allow faster shutter speeds, helpful indoors or in low light. This pro adapter allows sony alpha amount and minolta af dslr lenses to mount onto nikon f mount slr camera bodies. Moderate focus rolloff and blended layers of contrast allow the lenses to capture pleasing flesh tones and a soft, classic overall look. This lens covers the tv safe action format only and fits on all panaflex 35mm cameras.

There are nineteen prime flare lenses in focal lengths ranging from 14mm to 5mm, with close focus distances ranging from 2 feet to 5 feet and apertures of t1. The apo panatar lenses designed for camera 65ultra panavision used a prism arrangement to impart the anamorphic squeeze rather than cylindrical lens elements. With the introduction of the sony fs7 camcorder and working closely with sony and panavision uk we have designed some new products to suit. Already capable, adding lenses to your ipad, ipad air, or ipad mini is a great way to expand its photographic abilities and help you get the most out of the system, so slap. Panavision flare lenses, pvintage, f55 film and digital. Panavision entertainment woodland hills, ca 29,600 followers panavision is the worldclass provider of endtoend solutions that power the creative vision of filmmakers. The focal lengths in this series of lenses ranges from 50mm to 200mm with maximum apertures ranging from t1. Rent professional cameras or camera lenses for canon. It may be tempting to splurge on a highend lens, but dont go over the top.

Sonys patent application describes a pair of lenses with an organic. These lenses have widest apertures ranging from t1. Like their spherical counterparts, the primo anamorphic primes deliver high contrast and resolution, even field illumination, and negligible veiling glare, ghosting, and distortion. Panavision to unveil powerful new tools for groundbreaking. With subtle aberrations and rounded outoffocus properties, the panavision sphero 65 lenses offer distinct attributes that separate them from more clinical large. Pictured in these two photographs is a 75mm normal lens. This product allows the use of any 35mm format panavision mounted lens on the sony nex3. Panavisions dan sasaki explains how depth cues help create an environment that draws the audience deeper into the story by believing what they are seeing is real. Whats the difference between cinerama, panavision, super.

You might have mentioned cinemascope, metroscope, ultra panavision, or any of about a dozen other cinematic breakthroughs while you were at it, bruce. Sigmas ceo kazuto yamaki confirmed in recent remarks that the company is developing native sony fe mount lenses. Black eye lens clipon wide angle 160 degrees universal smartphone and tablet clipon camera lens, compatible with iphone, ipad, samsung blackyellow. The super high speed lenses 1976, also by nikon, are the fastest anamorphic lenses available, with tstops between 1. Formed by robert gottschalk as a small partnership to create anamorphic projection lenses during the widescreen boom in the 1950s, panavision expanded its product lines to meet the demands of modern filmmakers. The primo artiste lenses, available by the end of 2017, are a full series of t1. Amount for fullsize dslrs, and emount for more compact camera models. Despite the condition of the wrinkle paint finish on the cast aluminum housing, it will still take some of the. Panavision is an american motion picture equipment company specializing in cameras and lenses, based in woodland hills, california. Whats the difference between cinerama, panavision, super panavision, etc. Fully compatible with all iphones since the iphone 7. Heres our first taste of anamorphic 65mm in years with. Library, a free app for iphone, android phones, ipad and android tablets. Panavision, 6101 variel avenue, woodland hills, ca 967, usa, dan.

Other influential cameras include the millennium xl and the digital video genesis. Based on the award winning panavision ultra speed lenses designed in the 1970s, panavision have introduced the pvintage series of prime lenses for 35mm cinematography. The panorama, or the field of view, is given by the number of photos were going to stitch together and not by the focal used. Mounts sony alpha amount and minolta af dslr lenses to nikon f mount slr cameras. Panavision offers high speed anamorphic lenses with focal lengths of 35mm, 50mm, 55mm, 75mm, and 100mm. The hand crafted pvintage lenses offer superior mechanical performance and are reengineered by panavision to include modern external housings and a new, smooth action.

Thank you to cathy peirce, guy mcvicker, and the rest of the staff at panavision hollywood. Before looking more deeply into the speeds and focal lengths of the lenses on our list, theres an important distinction between lenses made for sony mounts, and others that plenty of sony shooters use, but that require adapters. This perhaps was mainly a situation provoked by the companys eseries anamorphics, which famously produce a pronounced horizontal blue flare which has become associated with anamorphic photography, even though many anamorphic lenses dont have. Prasad group, one of indias premier providers of film production and post production services provides the panavision range of equipment in india which includes a full range of sync sound cameras featuring the genesis, millennium xl, platinum and g ii panaflex.

Pay with visa, mastercard or paypal in our secure checkout. How the hateful eight cinematographer revived lenses. Hes been a big proponent of film his whole career and has called digital cinema like tv in public, and hes shot his most recent film the hateful eight completely in 65mm with anamorphic lenses, giving us the first ultra panavision 70 film in years. It may have fallen out of use almost completely, but quentin tarantino is bringing back 65mm film projected at 70mm in a big way. Panavision created these popular lenses for the movie saving private ryan. Renowned for its worldwide service and support, panavision systems are rented through its domestic and internationally owned and operated facilities and distributor. Arri alexa w panavision primo, super speed, and zseries lenses testing the veiling glare, contrast, and sharpness of primos at t2. Panavision news panavision press releases and panavision in the news. High performance optics for a new 70mm digital format. Fotodiox pro lens mount adapter sony alpha amount and.

Since then, these lenses have become a highdemand member of panavision s specialty optics inventory. How the hateful eight cinematographer revived lenses from the 1960s. Wide apertures also give more depth of field, making your subject stand out dramatically from the background. Facebook twitter youtube instagram sign up for our weekly newsletter. Since then, these lenses have become a highdemand member of panavisions specialty optics inventory. Sonys emount interchangeable lens cameras come with an incredibly rich selection of lenses. Sony developing smart contact lens that does more than let you see. This paper details technical features of the first series of highspeed prime lenses designed for a new 70mm digital format developed by panavision. Dozens of former apple employees team up to launch.

These specialized lenses provide additional creative options to cinematographers striving for a distinctive visual signature. Portrait lenses often feature 505mm focal lengths and f5. Enter the world of sony alpha lenses through the digital camera lens guide. Primo anamorphic prime lenses the panavision primo anamorphic prime lenses bring the superior imaging characteristics of primo spherical prime lenses to the anamorphic format. Panavision created these popular lenses were for the movie saving private ryan. Dozens of former apple employees team up to launch rearvision vehicle camera. Discover how cinema lenses can be used to make two dimensional images appear to have depth and exhibit three dimensional characteristics. From a highpowered superzoom, all the way to a tiny pancake option, weve rounded up 10 of our favorite lenses for sony cameras with a fullframe and an apsc sensor. Rent professional canon, nikon, sony or olympus cameras or just lenses. The results of panavisions efforts paid off with a system that met all of mgms requirements and, in the bargain, gave rise to panavisions move into 35mm anamorphic camera lenses, which mgm used exclusively even though contractual agreements with 20th centuryfox made it necessary for mgm to advertise their panavision anamorphic films as cinemascope for several years. With subtle aberrations and rounded outoffocus properties, the panavision sphero 65 lenses offer distinct attributes that separate them from more clinical large format lenses. But according to my experience, its not always the most appropriate focal. If you have a limited budget, be resourceful and research the different budget lenses out there that can help you achieve the images youd like to take.

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