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Block diagram of hdd d ddd edd d d dddee ee e ee e vangovl40 page 3 samsung hard disk drive 3. Western digital hard drive pcb swap replacement guide. Serial ata bus pin out sata, sata pinout, sata signal names. Brushless motor driver for disk drive motors 250114. General description the tda5145ts is a bipolar integrated circuit used to drive 3phase brushless dc motors in fullwave mode. The connection between the microcontroller and the hdd motor are. It is basically a pwm pulse width modulated motor driver that incorporates two separate stages for the generation of the pulses. Bipolar produces more torque the torque of the stepper motor is proportonai l to the magnetic field intensity of the stator windings. You can use those differents componens at their own or use the controlling electronics provided by the hard disk drive electronics. From what i could gather from the web, they require a 3 phase drive. There are three terminals to power the three coils and one common current return terminal. Scrap a hard drive, build a rotary encoder hackaday. You can drive the motor by a 3phase ac voltage, and when you turn it by hand, it will generate a 3phase ac voltage. The frequency of clock generation in this case cannot be kept constant so we need to get variable speed for the stepper motor.

This board can be controlled by using arduino like arduino uno, arduino mega and similar boards. How to run an hdd spindle motor quietly and efficiently. Hello all, here i have tried to run the hard disk with ic 555 and ic 4017 and motor controller ic l293d the idea is simple, hard disk motor requires 3 shifted pulses to run. Stepping motor drivers with a clock input and those with a phase input are both available.

Brushless hdd motor driver from 9v and painters tape. Now as shown in the circuit diagram the 555 circuit here is to generate clock or the square wave. Afaik hdd motors are stepper motors with 3 coils to supply input source at different phases of rotation of the motor. The brushless dc motor drive is used in record players, the tape drive for recorders, spindle drive in hard disks for computers, and low power drives in computers peripherals instruments and control systems. I thought of using ic 555 to supply the pulses and using the night rider circuit. Online schematic capture lets hobbyists easily share and discuss their designs, while online circuit simulation allows for quick design iteration and accelerated learning about electronics. Is the motor driver you are using the one that comes with the drive. Hard driver motor electronics forum circuits, projects. Hello all, here i have tried to run the hard disk with ic 555 and ic 4017 and motor controller ic l293d the. Brushless dc motor drive integrated circuits and reference. Toshiba offers various stepping motor drivers that deliver the substantial benefits of agc. The tda5145 offers protected outputs capable of handling high currents and can be used with star or delta. Youll notice in the video, that you need to give the motor a little bit of a start.

Most pcb failures are caused by motor controller chip burnt, then the tvs diodes burnt and main controller ic burnt. The proposed circuit can be considered almost a perfect dc motor speed controller. The idea is for a processor to monitor the motor speed through the tach and adjust the enable appropriately. Hard disk motor op arduino hard drive stepper motor hdd motor drive control how to power a hard drive motor. Tls2205, texas instruments, voicecoil motor driver, spindle motor driver, voltage monitor. Simple stepper motor driver circuit diagram using 555 timer ic.

Stepper motor driving university of texas at austin. It may be increased only by adding more windings or by increasing the current. I dont know how a pwm signal has any relevance to your application, since pwm is used for speed control and an hdd head motor is a position controlled device, not a speed controlled device. The motor should be mounted on a heatsinking chassis to help keep it cool if run for extended periods. Basically hard disk drive has same basic elements as the floppy disk drive. Functional description the tda5145 offers a sensorless three phase motor drive function. Hdd brushless motor driver circuit atmega8 electronics. The figure shows the circuit diagram of two stage stepper motor driver.

Activate the drive select line pin 26,28,30 or 32 3. However with the integrated circuits available today bipolar motors can be driver with no more components than the unipolar motors. Aug 01, 2008 hdd motor driver with ne555 and 4017 schematic. The device is intended to drive a threephase bldc motor, although it can also be used to drive solenoids or other loads. The selfcontrolled variable frequency drive employing a sinusoidal pmac permanent magnet alternating current motor is called brushless dc motor drive. For the experiment, i simply followed the typical application circuit example see. A hard disk drive hdd, hard disk, hard drive or fixed disk is a data storage device used for storing and retrieving digital information using one or more rigid hard rapidly rotating disks platters coated with magnetic material. In this editorial we uncover completely relating to a hasslefree 3 phase brushless bldc motor driver circuit which may be created in your own home by any new electronic hobbyist or someone. Wait for ready and seek complete signal to be true. This is a story of my efforts to repair the drive myself, my research into the question of whether or not users can repair modern hard drives, and the results of my efforts. Bipolar produces more torque the torque of the stepper motor is proportonai l. In the schematic i have included an enable and a tach. The chip has a thermal pad underneath for heat removal i heatsinked this using a piece of copper foil soldered to the back, then to the pcb ground plane. Hard drive circuit board replacement guide or how to swap hdd pcb.

The cross section of a threephase two pole trapezoidal pmac motor is shown in the. Unless there is a way to disable that startup sequence we need to build our own motor driver circuit. Electronics projects, hdd brushless motor driver circuit atmega8 atmega8 projects, avr project, microcontroller projects, date 20190803. Higher the duty cycle the average voltage across motor will be high which results in higher motor speed and vice versa. Initially i was going to just harvest the magnets from the drives, but i focused my attention towards the hard drive motor itself instead. Its also possible to use the driver chips from the original hard disk pcb to get an idea of the sort of chips used, this site has a listing of various driver chips with links to datasheets, but they are usually much more complicated since they often combine both the spindle motor driver and the voice coil driver readwrite head into one package. I have used the following procedure for controlling hard disk drive stepper motors taken from dp8466 design guide. You cant hear any noise or just hear a tick sound, which means the pcb is probably faulty. I know about normal motors like with magnets and stuff and how it works but beyaond normal 2 wire stuff i got. Sep 18, 2017 run, how to run hard disk drive hdd motor 3 phase or 4 phase without any circuits youtube. While it would be cool to use the pcb from the hdd to drive the motor this is unfortunately not possible since the motor just goes through a startup phase where it spins up and down a couple of times and then turns off. On the left hand side of the image, i just soldered 4 wires to the back of the motor.

The l6235 is a fully integrated motor driver ic specifically developed to drive a wide range of bldc motors with hall effect sensors. Some hard drive pcbs will allow the motor to spin continually and some will stop after a certain amount of time. Brushless hdd motor driver from 9v and painters tape hackaday. Hard driver motor electronics forum circuits, projects and. Installation was easy and i had the hard drive back in the computer and copying files to a new hard drive within 15 minutes of bringing the new pcb in from the mailbox. I had a couple of western digital hard drives lying around that were dead. First of all, note that a common hard disc drive hdd spindle motor is in fact a. General description the tda5145ts is a bipolar integrated circuit used to drive. Brushless dc motor drive circuit nxp semiconductors. Its heart is a dual channel hbridge driver chipl298nthat can handle current up to 2a per channel, controlled by an atmel atmega8l which handles the i2c communication with platforms such as arduino.

These features, including a universal decoding logic that allows. This means using the spinning center of the hard drive as part of the circuit. Replacing a defective hard drive circuit board is not an easy swap. This was insufficient for the larger hard drive motor, so i. Pa0 timer2output connected to the first brushless motor input coil. How to build a high torque dc motor speed controller circuit. Best way to drive a spindle brushless motor from a hdd on. The catch is that you cant just power up a hdd motor and expect it to spin. An external variable dc voltage source is effectively translated into a varying pwm signal. Feb 07, 2017 i recovered a few hard disk drive motors, the 3 terminal version.

Before going any further lets discuss more about the basics of stepper motor. Conclusions a general operational description of the spindle motor and the voice coil motor in an hdd has. Brushless dc motor drive circuit tda5145 pinning note 1. Samsung hard disk drive service manual pdf download. Changes are periodically made to the information herein which will be incorporated in revised editions of the publication. A stepper motor driver is a circuit or device that provides the necessary current and voltage to a stepper motor so that it has a smooth operation. Your 4lead motor probably has 3 coils and common, and you get it to spin by applying power to each coil in the correct sequence. The motor itself is somesort glued into the disk shell, i cant take it out except for all the rest, also i can get access to 4 pins comming out from the motor. A real pita for anything short of special purpose circuits or a microcontroller. Hard drive motor hdd motor driver running a hard drive motor easy hard drive motor hack. Run, how to run hard disk drive hdd motor 3 phase or 4 phase. Simple dc motor driver circuit above can control the direction of rotary speed control of dc motors and dc motor rotation.

Stepper motor driver circuit diagram and explanation. Hard disk drives use brushless dc bldc motors which need special electronics to drive their coils. Brushless dc motor drive integrated circuits and reference designs. Stepper motor controller driver circuit with circuit design. Hdd motor driver running a hard drive motor easy hard drive motor hack. How to build a 3 phase brushless bldc motor driver circuit. I drive the brushless dc motor bldc without using any controller, only with a. Hdd brushless motor driver circuit atmega8 electronics projects. Motor brake facility direction control input reset function. Hard drives disk have highspeed lowprofile brushless motors that can be reused, called bldc. My question is, whether they are to be driven by a 3 phase pulse stream or a 3 phase clock. A stepper motor is a type of dc motor that rotates in steps. Our knowledge with these bldc motors is very limited though and we are not sure how to build our own driver circuit.

I recovered a few hard disk drive motors, the 3 terminal version. Figure 2 compares integrated unipolar and bipolar devices. Can i run a hard drive motor without additional drive. Change of dc motor direction is attained using the dpdt switch s1 which on application just toggles the polarity applied to the motor. The circuit is of a threephase, sensorless motor driver with integrated power mosfets having drive current capability up to 680ma peak. Driving an hdd motor quietly and efficiently requires. The chinese 5v12v bldc motor driver board for hard drive motor 34 wire. Hard disk motor driver tda5144at breakout from sixty four. You could, of course, try build your own brushless motor driver circuit but that is a project and a half by itself. The advantage of this circuit is, it can be used to drive stepper motors having 210 steps. Transmit pins connect to receive pins on the other device. Stepping motor driver ics toshiba electronic devices. I am not sure if i got your question correctly but i am assuming you are asking how to make the hdd motor spin continuously also assuming you dont have a circuit in place to spin the motor yet. Hey my brother and i have been working on building a propeller clock and have salvaged two old harddiskdrive motors for the project.

Are you familiar with all the applications of 555 timer circuits. This means using the spinning center of the hard drive as part of the circuit, with blue painters tape in alternating patterns to create the timing. A little oscilloscope work showed the expected threephase output when the motor hub was. The brushless dc motor drive has some advantages like practically they require no maintenance and have a long life. Above dc motor driver consisting of the comparator and power a dc motor driver. Basically, it consists of three coils arranged around a magnetic rotor. For seagate, western digital, samsung, maxtor and ibmhitachi hdd pcb you can refer to these swap guides. Connector jumper pin assignment 40 pin io connector interface signals number signal number signal remarks reset db10 db11 db12 db db14. Hard disk drive servo systems since the commercial usage of magnetic disk drives began in 1956 1, the hard disk drive hdd has been playing an important role in the modern era of digital technology. Drv10866 driver ic from texas instruments is used to drive a small threephase bldc motor m1. Brushless motor driver for disk drive motors imajeenyus.

Hard disk motor op arduino hard drive stepper motor hdd motor drive control. They also have applications in aerospace, in biomedical and in driving cooling fans, etc. Hard disk motor driver tda5144at breakout from sixty. You can build a diy bldc drive circuit using nothing but a handful of transistors and a signal generator. If you want to evaluate your product plan or design using a stepping motor incorporating agc technology, reference designs are available for download. The name of this motor is given so because the rotation of shaft is in step form which is. The main difference between a simple dc motor and a stepper motor is that through a stepper motor, we can achieve precise positioning. Howto walz a hard drive spindle motor tutorials robotshop. Brushless dc motor driver full project with circuit available. The driver circuit uses, four transistor sl100 to drive the motor windings, two not gates and one xor gate to decode the two bit control logic to drive the four windings of the motor.

I would start by googling for the chip part numbers near the stepper motor on your hard disk and build a driver from them. You could make your own driver circuit based off the schematics shown there. I got the hard disk drive motor to spin 25,000 rpm using this simple fet. You will have to run a couple of wires to ground on some hard drive to trick the pcb in keeping the motor running. Symbol pin1 description mot1 1 and 2 driver output 1 test 3 test inputoutput n.

Brushless dc motor driver full project with circuit. Hard drives work by spinning platters full of magnetized data while a readwrite head. A hard disk drive is a nonvolatile storag e device that stores digitally encoded data on rotati ng rigid platters with magnetic surfaces. You can get information about the stepper motor and running machanism in. It is unique in its combination of sensorless motor drive and fullwave drive. If you want the adventure of building a controller driver circuit thats fine but if all you want to do is get the motor to spin id look at a cheap esc from hobbyking or the.

Best way to drive a spindle brushless motor from a hdd page 1. A bldc fans speed can be varied smoothly, without the usual steps associated with a normal ac fan. Thank you hdd parts for great products and fast shipping. In this projet i reuse a bldc motor that i retrieved from an old hdd, the. Western digital hard drive pcb swap replacement guide welcome to hddzone hard drive pcb circuit boards supplier. Hard drive stepper motor with high speed spinup circuit. May 15, 2015 technically stepper motor driver circuit is a decade binary counter circuit. Procedure to control hard disk stepper motor using st506412 interface. Best way to drive a spindle brushless motor from a hdd. Sata signal names are with respect to the host, the device connected to the host reverses the signal names. The motor maximum speed is 4500 rpm 75 rotationsecond and the maximum power is reached during the seeki n g phase is about 6. Without the necessary steps to adapt to the new circuit board, your hard drive will not function properly and data will not be accessible. I recently found some old and newer hard drives too damaged to be repaired for normal pc use now i took one apart for parts such as the motor inside. Driving threephase stepper motor with bldc motor driver reference design 1.

The brushless dc motor driver circuit described here uses a drv10866 driver ic to drive a small bldc fan, without using any position sensors. Maxtor may make changes or improvements in the products described in this. The interaction would be simple, just knowing when he is turning, commanding to stop and moving. In general, hard drive motors work a little like steppers. Ive stripped out an old ide 40 pin hdd from 1998 for use in a pov display project gr. Brushless motor drive circuit used in computers hard drive with atmega8 checked the engine atmega 8 output mosfet ir4427, irfz44 strengthened engine. Our integrated circuits and reference designs help you create compact, fully protected and efficient dc input speed controlled bldc drives with smooth torque and accurate speed control. Sep 21, 2016 brushless hdd motor driver from 9v and painters tape. Here is a zip file with the pcb files, schematic, eagle files etc.

The motor maximum speed is 4500 rpm 75 rotationsecond and the maximum power is reached during the seeki n g phase is. We all know that for better understanding, the best source is an authenticated book on the subject. Pin numbers for both dil and sol packages are identical. The 6 steps necessary to the motor to reach his maximum speed are represented by the steps variable inside the main. Sep 26, 2006 your hard disk uses a stepper motor right. Oct 29, 2012 these tools allow students, hobbyists, and professional engineers to design and analyze analog and digital systems before ever building a prototype. Ive seen many sensorless bldc motor driver controller modules and most of them are tailored especially for small applications such as cooling fan control. The hard drive motors, in particular, are extremely smoothrunning, and i. Parts of comparator function is to provide control signals to the power transistor driver. This ic is a onechip cost effective solution that includes several unique circuit design features. That is my guess without even seeing the schematic.

Hdd and other storage devices connectors pinouts diagrams. Here is the circuit diagram of a simple stepper motor controller using only elementary parts. Driving threephase stepper motor with bldc motor driver. This arduino motor driver shield can be used to build dc or stepper motor based projects like a robotic arm, line follower, land robbers, maze followers and many more projects. In this projet i reuse a bldc motor that i retrieved from an old hdd, the seagate st31722a. A tutorial on control design of hard disk drive selfservo. Page 1 hard disk drive service manual h a r d d i s k d r i v e contents page 2 samsung hard disk drive 2.

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