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We have been working with health and fitness products for over 30 years, and one of the most exciting and beneficial products we have seen in that time is the teeter hang ups inversion systems. Body power health and fitness inversion table manual all. Our inversion tables use progressive decompression which means each disc is decompressed by the same body weight that compresses it while upright. The ep560 is the most popular model from our comfortrak series, teeter hang ups flagship line of inversion tables. Not recommended for people who have had hip or knee replacements etc as you. Assembly instructions manual owners manual assembly instructions manual. Nov 16, 2018 the teeter f5000 inversion table was introduced to the market in 2004. Owners manual prior to use make sure that the table rotates smoothly to the fully inverted position and back, and that all fasteners are secure. User manuals, guides and specifications for your teeter hang ups ep550 fitness equipment, home gym.

Page 14 always test and inspect the teeter hang ups conversion bar, gravity boots and inversion table prior to use. Inverting on a teeter has been clinically proven to increase intervertebral separation1, helping to open up the passageway for nerve roots and alleviating pain caused by pinched nerves2. Teeter hang ups ep550 manuals and user guides, fitness. Carefully adhere to the assembly instructions and owners manual to help. Carefully adhere to these instructions to help ensure user safety and product integrity. Customizable with teeter hang ups accessories like ezup gravity boots, ezstretch traction handles, and vibration cushion sold separately. Its headquarters is based in puyallup, washington, usa. Customers can also order storage caddy, gravity boots, back lumbar bridge, and. Simply download the bilt app by scanning the qr code to the right and then search for your model i.

User manuals, guides and specifications for your teeter hang ups over ez fitness equipment. User guides include a fullcolor glossy owners manual attached to the product and instructional dvd to guide you through assembly. The price of the teeter hang ups varies depending on the model, but the payment method also changes according to how you use it. Warning it is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the proper use. Acupressure nodes 8 in varied heights for triggerpoint release and focused relief. Comparison of the teeter hang ups f5000, f7000 and f9000. Comfortraktm series assembly instructions active forever. Make sure the table rotates smoothly to inverted position and back. Relax and allow your body to pull away from the table bed so you are hanging freely. Teeter hang ups is fueled by the passion of one man who turned his own struggles with back pain into a lifechanging solution for millions of people worldwide. Specifications may vary from this image and are subject to change without notice.

Teeter inversion table inversion table back pain relief. This short, simple and effective routine is perfect for anybody at the beginner or intermediate usage of an inversion table. Teeter hang ups ep560 inversion table precor home fitness. Feel it to believe it with our exclusive 30day inhome trial. Reviews of teeter hang ups ep series inversion tables. Ul listed label demonstrates that teeter hang ups inversion tables are independently certified to meet the toughest quality standards. Teeter hang ups over ez manuals and user guides, fitness. With proper exercise and some hang time with these teeter hang ups, my back problems have for the most part. Page 3 chrome shaft and tighten with the flat washer and hex nut.

Turn to teeter hang ups for inversion accessories, including adaptor kids, gravity boots, handles and more. Teeter hang ups equipment is designed to comfortably and securely support your body. Just a few minutes a day on the teeter can naturally stretch the back and spine to help relieve back pain, improve joint health, and increase flexibility, plus build and tone muscles with inverted exercises. Manuals and user guides for teeter hang ups comfortrak ep560. This inversion table is available in total or partial payment. This classic table design is still a favorite amongst chiropractors because the slide and washability of the nylon bed. Page 1 owners manual owner s manual ep950 inversion table u. The teeter hang ups f7000 limited is a cool update to the inversion table that made teeter popular through their infomercial and home shopping network shows. It is 45 inches long, 28 inches wide and 58 inches long.

A good choice of inversion table would be one by teeter hang ups and this article shares some teeter hang ups inversion table exercises that beginners can do. Assembly instructions 5 year w a r n t y full en new. The user can preset or change the angle of inversion to 20, 40, or 60 degrees easily by means of the ez angle tether strap which is a standard component within the teeter product range. Bed is designed to enhance decompression and relief with a smooth, lowfriction surface that flexes for comfort. Here are 10 important factors to consider when buying an inversion table for your home. How to set the correct height on an inversion table. Database contains 1 teeter hang ups over ez manuals available for free online viewing or downloading in pdf. Use the inversion table only for its intended use as described in this manual. Comfortrak bed built for the benefits with a pressurereducing design that maximizes comfort and flexes with the user to enhance joint mobilization. Inversion tables will help you with your inversion therapy that will not only solve your back and joint issues but will give you a lot of amazing benefits as well.

Teeter hang ups contour l5 inversion table precor home fitness. Join over 3 million who have put their trust in teeter, the only brand that is both ul safety certified and 510k registered with the fda as a class one medical device. View the teeter hang ups 700ia user manual usa home gym. Teeter hang ups inversion products your way to a better. Roger teeter s inversion tables are truly built for the benefits, with a focus on features that help you achieve the ultimate in relaxation, comfort and a feelgood decompressive stretch. Your head should rest comfortably on the bed of the table, and not hang over the edge. We believe the dvd gives more comprehensive stepbystep instructions and since it is a visual aid it is easier for a first time user to put together the.

We also go through the simple set up so you can safely practice with. Teeter is the only fdaregistered inversion table that relieves sciatic pain and other disc related back pain. View and download teeter hang ups comfortrak ep560 owners manual online. View and download hang ups teeter f5000 owners manual online. Ive been a regular user of teeter hang ups fitness equipment for several months now. Alternatively, some devices come with an instruction manual that will show you how to get in and out of the device. The gravity boots cover a large surface area, wrapping around the ankles with a strong yet flexible shell lined with 58 thick comfort foam. Shawn on the instructional dvd teach you how to wake up and warm up your spine, strengthen and stretch your core, improve your posture and incorporate. Teeter is happy to assist you with anything you need.

Ep 550ep 650 r inversion table assembly instructions t e e t e r h a n g u p 5 s year w a r n t y. How to set up your inversion table days to fitness. Teeter hang ups contour l5 inversion table precor home. Lumbar bridge with adjustable arch for added traction and. For stepbystep, 3d interactive instructions, download bilt a free mobile app to your smartphone to follow along. Initially one may experience uneasiness and blood rush, hence it is recommended to use it for 2 3 minutes in the beginning and then gradually increase the time. Teeter hang ups f8000 inversion table with user manual for. In either case, you can learn how to use your equipment in under 20 minutes. We feel the teeter hang ups ep 560 is extremely user friendly. Voluntary compliance to uls inversion table safety standard makes teeter hang ups the only inversion brand with certified quality. Inversion table images may vary slightly from your. This inversion table is built with superior components including pressurereducing specialty foam ankle supports, a patented trackstyle bed and heattreated, heavy gauge steel materials. With the launch of ep560, teeter shows that they are a trusty name who is fully devoted to quality and that you can help treat pain straight from its source. Teeter hang ups ep950 plus inversion table with ergonomic flex technology with albany irvin.

We have 3 teeter hang ups comfortrak ep560 manuals available for free pdf download. Follow along with your smartphone to make assembly even easier. It literally sets up in seconds, is adjustable from 4 8 to 6 6 and has a. Teeter inversion tables curbside pickup available at dicks. Teeter hang ups is a registered trademark of stl international, inc. The teeter ep960 ltd is one of the easiest inversion tables to use, from initial setup right through to folding it up and putting away. Unlike the teeter hang ups ep560, the teeter hang ups ep960 needs a lot less assembling.

Database contains 2 teeter hang ups ep550 manuals available for free online viewing or downloading in pdf. If locked out in full inversion, follow the instructions for releasing from the locked position. The assembling instructions are provided in the written manual and the dvd contained in the package. In this video, they show how to set the correct height of their ironman inversion table. Many inversion tables include instructional exercise dvds that you can follow.

If you have any questions, please contact our customer service department at 1. Carefully adhere to the assembly instructions and user manual to help ensure user security and product integrity. The teeter ez up inversion system offers everything you need to invert, decompress, and perform inverted exercises at home. Adjust responsiveness only for teeter hang ups table. May 14, 2015 this short, simple and effective routine is perfect for anybody at the beginner or intermediate usage of an inversion table. Teeter is not a newbie in the inversion table industry. Here youll find manuals, contact information, store locator, and warranty information. Teeter hang ups dex ii assembly and users manual pdf. Teeter hang ups 700ia inversion table 1 decompression arch. Teeter hang ups inversion table exercises for beginners. We hope you enjoy your new teeter hang ups inversion table. Fitness equipment hang ups teeter ezup inversion racck assembly instructions 4 pages. Teeter customer service phone number 800 8470143, email. These instructions will guide you in properly assembling and using the unit.

User guides include a fullcolor glossy owners manual attached to the product and instructional dvd to guide you through assembly and use. Inversion table delivers premium features that enhance ease of use and comfort, while remaining true to teeters 30plus year commitment to quality and security. Page 15 test the locking function of the ankle clamp assembly prior to use. View and download hang ups teeter ep950 owners manual online. Just lie on the inversion bed and allow the weight displacement to control your rotation.

Teeter hang ups has been producing inversion tables for more than 30 years, and their experience shows in the ep series. The teeter ezup gravity boots with bonus adapter kit is an upgrade for select teeter inversion tables, offering users an option to add support during inverted exercise. Read the user manual and follow the manufacturers specific directions. You will see during inversion how easily, sleekly and comfortably this iverts and goes back to its beginning position. Those with back pain, an intense exercise regimen, or those simply seeking to try out the benefits of this experience can explore teeter hang ups. Teeter decompression devices are multiple user, reusable devices for home use, intended to provide traction to the spine while. The teeter hang ups ep560 is probably one of the most simple machines one can usefrom assembling to folding it up and storing it for future use. Roger teeter s commitment to helping others live their best lives inspires everything we do.

Teeter has been designing, building, and patenting inversion tables for over thirty years, spreading the beneficial effects of inversion therapy throughout the world. Assembly instructions manual, assembly information. The table is adjustable for individuals of different heights. This company has been making inversion therapy solutions for more than 30 years now and they are trusted by people who need to have inversion therapy. The teeter f5000 inversion table was introduced to the market in 2004. There are a lot of reasons why you should choose teeter hangups inversion tables for your needs and these are the following reasons below. Teeter hang ups ep550 assembly information pdf download. For each of your sessions, begin by inverting to a moderate angle. Take your time finding your ideal settings with the inversion table set properly, you will have total control over the rotation of the bed and ensure a comfortable and relaxing inversion experience. If you are looking for a natural, inhome solution to a healthier back, try inversion if you value quality, put your trust in teeter hang ups. Below is a list of the exercises you can do on your inversion table.

Teeter the best inversion tables to relieve back pain. Product manuals and assembly instructions are available here. Take your time finding your proper settings and remember them. The most important thing when buying an inversion table is safety. Close supervision is necessary when the inversion table is used near children, or by or near invalids or disabled persons. Make sure the user settings described below are properly adjusted for your unique needs and body type.

The balance of quality and price makes the teeter ep560 our best inversion table of. To download and print teeters comfortrak instructions. We serve the area from toronto to london, and up to owen sound and beyond. Key features of the teeter hang ups contour l5 inversion table independent qualityassurance tested to highest safety standard. See figure 3a for closeup view make sure the fasteners are securely tightened and the lap pad rotates smoothly. Indicated for back pain, muscle tension, herniated disc, sciatica, muscle spasm, and more see below premium features. Decompress the spine and relieve back pain naturally with the teeter ep560 inversion table. Teeter hang ups contour l5 inversion table gym source. Comfortrak ep560 fitness equipment pdf manual download. Take care in setting up, read the manual and watch the dvd, itll save arguments when constructing. Those who experience sciatic pain can benefit from this aspect of inversion. The foot platform design dials up or down for smaller or larger feet, allowing a comfortable and secure fit for. Read the owners manual thoroughly before using your teeter hang ups inversion table.

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